Quality statement

Viscar Integrated Consulting Limited is a dynamic Training, Consulting and Resourcing firm that provides innovative Information Technology and Engineering Solutions for corporates and businesses. Viscar has a rich history of driving innovation and excellence in capacity building and partners with organizations to enhance productivity and optimize strategic output. We seek to provide quality service that fully conforms to the client’s requirements each and every time.

In particular we shall:

  • Ensure that clients are satisfied with the standard of performance and quality of services produced by the Company.
  • Ensure that continual improvement and monitoring regarding performance, targets and objectives is undertaken.
  • Ensure that any complaints are dealt with and lessons learned are implemented throughout the business and incorporated into the Company culture.
  • Ensure that our employees including resources and consultants are responsible for working in a manner which maintains quality standards.
  • Ensure that our employees go through a Continual Development Plan, to offer training and development to individuals from induction and throughout their employment.
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant legislation and codes of practice and where no regulation exists, we shall set our own standards in accordance with industry best practice.
  • Ensure office practices achieve continual improvement in overall quality performance.
  • Ensure that quality policy and objectives are established and reviewed at least annually.