Coperate Training

We have proficient consultants on board. They are the secret behind Viscar’s Integrated Consulting development success. According to research, ignoring the upfront planning processes for corporate training can impact project cost and timeline negatively, by up to 30%. Our training consultants apply a variety of assessment methodologies to ensure your training initiatives meet your business objectives.

We approach training design like a partnership. We shall get to know you, your needs, your human resource, and your culture. Viscar’s approach is so exhaustive and it builds training solutions that work with our clientele in ICT, Building, Manufacturing and Energy Sectors. We use our expert process to build a custom training solution for you. When we do training needs analysis, our objective is to deliver a telling learning experience that yields real business results and has a long-lasting effect on learners and ROI. Viscar’s training needs analysis determines our decisions when choosing strategies and activities for training.

Establishments that are considered to be the best to work for are the ones that understand the value in the obligation to training, if done right, the cost of training is truly an investment initiative worth planning for.

To get a solution that really fits the type of training you need, Let’s talk.